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Sat, 16 Jun 2001
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From: "Usman Malik" <> [Save Address] [Block Sender]
Subject: Re: Took an easy way in your inbox....
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2001 22:15:16 +0500
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Hi Ali,
Sorry to hear that, but it seems to be like both escape and that you needed some more time to answer my previous questions. As you questioned about my authority, I am a reputed person and have quite strong to protect a person who I have promised to. Also donít worry there are no Mullahs to be found near my home and every place I go, for miles. Well I donít get tired typing these replies and questions. But it was just that I thought it might be better to understand each others views if we meet face-to-face. Thatís it. Well that was so, on my first e-mails. I was thinking that way. I was confused and you didnít satisfy me. Therefore I decided to be either convinced or convince. You know Ali, number three was quite offensive, but well I have got quite place to store such things. It is just incidentally that I forget things quickly.
Ali now I know how far a person can go in opposing some one. You said that killing who donít believe is what Allah has ordered a Muslim to? Ali, telling others to believe is what Allah asks a Muslim to, I wonder if any misconception has caused this question to be raised.what a single person do, is not necessarily the acts on which Allah has asked, there are other factors too which make them act in the way they do. But still what ever the case is, a Muslims acts are not completely forgiven if they are against Islamic laws, no matter how much he thought, it would benefit the religion.
By the way Ali, making confusions, doubt, raising anger, giving birth to misconceptions and other similar acts is your job? Well who pay you for that? I would like to know about it.
You questioned me to prove things scientifically, I did, but you kept on terming as psedo science. I gave you reference to university professors, but you kept on saying your bla bla bla. Ali, if you donít want to answer me, fine, donít. But do you know Ali, if there is nothing in front of me; even then I am at a better side then you. I will have a heaven to live in for infinity, if I am right, if you are right then what will you get? But at least one thing for sure, if you donít believe on what I do, then try waiting for the hell. By the way this is my point of view. Allah has told us to no, claim someoneís future, but my expression of anger for you cannot be looked at through the view that it is part of my religion (U guessed it right, this is an example).
All I can do at the end is that pray for you that you one day find the truth, not some bad rational thinking, but the real truth.
All the best wishes, and hope that you will reply the questions I asked in previous mail, sense ably. If you donít want to come to Pakistan and are afraid of being exposed to light, then all right, no hard feelings.

Malik Usman.

And by the way, I hope u remember the challange.

-----Original Message-----
From: "Ali Sina" <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 04:08:17
Subject: Re: Took an easy way in your inbox....

> Dear Mr. Malik Usman,
> In your email, you invited Mr. Avijit Roy and myself to come to Pakistan and
> assured us of our safety. May I ask you few questions before answering the
> rest of the points in your email? Please answer to all of them.
> 1- Who are you and what is your authority to protect our safety if we accept
> your invitation? What is your guarantee behind your word?
> 2- Why a debate on line is not enough for you and why do you want to meet us
> in Pakistan?
> 3- How can we trust your word? The first email you sent me you pretended to
> be a Muslim dissident trying to get away from Islam asking for my advise.
> Only in your fourth email you revealed your true identity, which is a Muslim
> hardliner. How do you expect Mr. Roy and myself put out lives in the hands
> of a man who has a history of lying and deceiving? How do you expect us to
> trust a liar with our lives?
> 4- You also bragged of being a moderate Muslim and said any other Muslim
> would have traced me and would have killed me for what I say. This shows
> that you know what is the teaching of Islam in respect of the apostates. Are
> you saying that you are willing to break Allahís commandment just to keep up
> your word with us? What is more important to you? Your words of Allahís
> word?
> 5- Despite the fact that I demonstrated to you that Noahís ark, Miíraj,
> splitting the moon and jinn are absurdities, you still claim that they are
> scientific facts. Apparently your definition of science and rational
> thinking and mine are completely distinct. In one of your emails you said
> let us continue until one convinces the other. I am not interested to
> convince anyone. My job is to expose the truth of Islam. It is up to people
> to make their minds. I am not part of any religion or organization nor have
> I started, or will I start one. I am not looking for recruits. And honestly
> I see no hope in you becoming a rational thinker any time soon. May I ask
> you why do you want to continue this debate? Do you really believe that I am
> going to accept that Muhammad split the moon? That somehow during the time
> of Noah the waters in the Earth increased 10 fold to cover the tip of
> Everest and then evaporated into the thin air? Do you think that if you
> insist, I will finally accept the story of Miíraj? Do you believe that one
> day I will be convinced that the jinns are real beings that climb on each
> otherís shoulderís to eavesdrop the conversation of the Exalted assembly and
> that the stars are missiles that Allah throws at them to scare them? You
> still did not tell me how the South American sloth, the Australian Kangaroo
> or the polar bear were informed about the flood and how they made their way
> to Canaan? You still did not tell me how Noah and a handful of his family
> members could collect ALL the animals of the world when even up to this day
> all the scientists of the world have not been able to collect the names of
> all the species of the animals?
> Please do answer all these questions before we can continue with the rest of
> your questions.
> Regards,
> Ali Sina

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