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Wed, 30 May 2001
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Subject: Re: Speaking with your relatives about religion
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 12:03:48 +0500
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Mr Ali Sina,
Thank you for your quick and prompt reply. Now I feel quite comfortable discussing these matters with you. On your advice that not to discuss these matters with my family members and friends, I would like to tell you that it is not my anti-religious debates, that provoke critism but it is with my actions. I do not attend any religious gatherings, i don't even remember when I last said my prayers. These things obviously gives my freinds and family a chance to critisize me. Now how can I pray for a God on whom I don't believe?
Also Mr Ali, I would like you to suggest me one thing. Now when I have left Islam, what religion you suggest me to follow? Ofcourse I need some guide lines to follow for my whole life.
Looking forward for your reply
Malik Usman

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From: "Ali Sina" <>
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 17:34:42
Subject: Re: Speaking with your relatives about religion

> Dear Usama,
> Thank you for the email and your interest in my site. My first suggestion is
> that you do not discuss about religion with your family members. The subject
> of religion is always contentious and the family ties are too sacred. As the
> matter of fact I do not suggest that you discuss religion with your friends
> or anyone you know. Keep your relationships with people harmonious and
> friendly.
> If however, you are very much interested that a certain friend of your learn
> about the truth of Islam, and if your intention is not just to hurt his
> feelings and make him angry, then you may want to tactfully ask him to
> respond to some of my articles or other writings on the net that raise
> questions about Islam. Tell him that these points are bothering you and you
> want his help to clarify them.
> Arguing about religion with family and friends is the worst thing one can
> do. Once in a while send them an article and ask them about their opinion.
> Do not go actively campaigning against Islam. Our goal must be to foster
> unity, not to divide people and cause more contentions and disunity. If you
> feel strong against Islam, you may join a religious club in the Internet and
> discuss religion there. In this way only those who want will read your
> writings and those who donít like reading anything against their beliefs
> will not read. Weaning oneself from religion is not easy and one must be
> ready for it. There was a time that I would not even read anti Islamic
> material. So give people space and time. Concentrate on those who are
> willing to discuss and as the rule of thumb leave your family and friends
> out of it.
> Kind regards
> Ali
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