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Islam and science
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Quran and Astronomy:

                       “Don't the unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were one piece, then We separated them” (Koran 21:30). The big bang theory implied by the first verse is widely believed by scientists to explain the origin of the universe. Stated simply, it says that the universe was first “one piece” which was then “split apart” by a big bang. To many scientists this verse is accurate. According to Dr. Paterson, “to me this verse is like the concept of the separation of waters of the heavens from that of the earth, mentioned in Genesis, inn the bible. It does not seem to represent the Big Bang.” However, if we reread the verse of the Koran, we can clearly see that it doesn't talk about “water;” and there is no mention about the “heavens and earth being of one mass or piece” in the Book of Genesis in the Bible.
                        Another verse was: “And the sky, We built it with might and We expanded it wide”(Koran 51:47). According to modern astronomy, due to the initial momentum generated by the Big Bang, the universe is expanding. When Dr. Paterson was asked to comment he termed it as amazing that in Koran it is being told so early.
                      Another verse says: “Surely that which you are promised will befall. So, when the stars are put out..” (Koran 77:7-8). At the time of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) nearly 1400 years ago people were of view that the things in the sky like stars are permanent. Now when research of years has showed that all the stars die after a time (like Sun) Allah told us through His Koran 1400 years ago.
                     Another Koranic verse says: “Then He (God/Allah) turned to the heaven and it had been smoke” (Koran 41:11). This means that universe first was smoke and it is widely confirmed. The universe in the start was just a mixture of dust and gases and smoke is a perfect analogy to that. What we considered here was actually verses of Koran which were using the most simplest possible terms as the target were the normal Arabs who knew nothing.
                                          By Malik Usman Javaid
                  "The Message of Quran and Islam- A scientific analysis of Holy Quran"
                         by Muhammad A.Assadi.
                         ISBN:   969 0 012828 7