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     In every religion, there is concept of evil and good. Things are then further differentiated on the provided guideline as evil and holy. In Islam, all the evils are associated with the presence of Satan, which in a way is not true.
     In this universe nothing is easy, each and everything is complicated, but sometimes things look easy which is only due to our psychology. And religion is no exception in the same manner. This should be kept in mind while not only reading this but also while reading other articles present on this website.
     According to Islamic ideology, when Allah created first Human, Adam and decided to make him his Caliph on the Earth, all the angels questioned Allah that why He need someone when they are present? But Allah gave Adam knowledge and asked him about different things. This was like a quiz, and contestants were the Adam and the Angels. Adam due to the granted knowledge answered correctly while Angels every time said, “Allah you didn't gave us knowledge about it”. Then Allah ordered all the angels and present to bow in front of Adam, and all did, except for Iblees (Satan). For this he was ordered to stay away and all his good credits on his behalf were taken back.

Then who is Satan? Is he an Angel?
     Iblees was one of the most obeying and holy creatures of that time. He was made of fire and was among Jinn, and in fact was master of Jinn. Due to his extraordinary prays he was given a high rank and was only non-Angel to be present in the court of Allah. When Adam was created he was created from sand and water. As Allah ordered to bow the Adam, Iblees toke it against his status to bow a thing created from sand, while he took fire to be far more superior. He disobeyed and was ousted from the Allah's court. While going he asked only one thing from Allah, in place of the prayers he has done for years. He asked to grant him life until the end of the world (Qiyammat) so he can misguide His newly created Humans from true path, and so he can prove how un-reliable they really are. Allah granted him this and said that His creation will judge their to be followed themselves.
     Ever since then Satan is misguiding Human beings.

Satan's first target.
     Satan's first target was Adam himself. Allah gave Adam and Eve place in heaven to live out their life in ease, until and unless they do not eat one of the tree's fruit. Satan put it into Eve to eat that delicious fruit. Eve insisted in front of Adam and they ate that fruit. Satan became successful while Adam and Eve as punishment were sent on Earth. They both asked for forgiveness and once approved had reunion but always to remain on Earth. This is also how the life on Earth started.

Isn't Satan misused?
     Satan is quite misused in the society of today. Not only in the Islamic but also in the other religions too. Satan just gives us a feeling about something and just suggest us things, while we, ourselves execute them. Satan in no way controls our actions, but just do the suggestion part. While we blame our each and every wrong act on Satan. Satan will get his punishment on the judgment day, but this do not leave us, the act's executers, untouched. We will also have to answer Allah on why we obeyed Satan anyway.
     Allah has created Humans and each and everything around us. He has also given us mind to determine what we need. Our decisions are made solely by our own mind, but they can have influence of something. But at the end this influence cannot be blamed on a wrong action done. We still have to answer about it one day.