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Umhat-ul-Momeneen (Wives of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w))

The wives of Holy Prophet (s.a.w) are the mothers of Muslims (Umhat-ul-Momeneen in Arabic). They used to educate Muslims religious education and used to correct them on their believes. The Holy Quran describes that the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)'s wives responsibilities and duties are totally different from those of all other women. All Muslims must have to pay respect and homage to them. They set an example of high character and many companions of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) used to approach them to get their problems solved and clarified from them. They are the packers of nobility. If you need further information over the place of women in Islam click here. Brief description about each of them can be found by clicking on one of the following:

Umhat ul Momeneen (r.a)