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Reality of Jehad
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  One of the biggest misconceptions prevails with the regard to the duty Jihad in Islam. Unfortunately not only European scholars but also some Muslims scholars misuse this term. Actually the word Jihad of Arabic is divied from Jahd which means ability, excretion or power.

    Jihad can be undertaken in following kinds:
1) against a visible enemy of Islam
2) against the devil
3) against self.

Discussing the first kind of jihad, jihad against a visible enemy of Islam means a person or more who stand against the preaching of Islam or who tries to hares the all ready Muslim. Such people should be first stopped verbally but if they do not agree then only Islam gives permission of usage of force.
Against the devil means to stop not only others but also ones own self from doing unislamic deeds. While against self is to restrict ones self to the saying of Allah and his prophet Muhammad and as much as possible try to stay away from the materialism.
Allah has categorized Jihad in two kinds:
1) Jihad bin-Nafs
2) Jihad bin-mal

This type of jihad means to bear all the hardships no matter they are spiritual or physical. One must do what Allah has told to without anyone's fear.     

               This type of jihad is done by wealth. In this jihad if a person has sufficient wealth and uses it for Islam's propagation and help other fellow Muslims with it is jihad bin-mal.
Significance of jihad through these two ways can be showed by this verse of Koran, which says;
"Ye should believe in Allah and this messenger, and should strive for the cause of Allah with your wealth and your lives. That is better for you, if ye did but know."

 Also this must be mentioned that a person who die while doing jihad is considered to be martyred not dead and is said to stay alive till the judgement day. Saying of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w), reported through Hazrat Ans can also show this:
"No one after entering paradise will like to return to the world with idea of having each and everything on the earth. On the other hand the martyr will aspire to and will wish to be put to death in the path of Allah ten times because knows the value and grand of martyrdom."

According to some non-Muslim scholars, the jihad is a tool of global terrorism by fundamentalist Muslims. But this is based on nothing. Following are the points on which only jihad can be done:
1) The enemy invades a Muslim territory (example: Chechnya)
2) Non-Muslims ruling over Muslims treat them cruelly (example: Kashmir)
3) Some forces try to stop Muslims from acting on their faith (example: India)
4) The enemies break their promises or agreements and their actions of such are proved (example can be found in the time of Prophet Muhammad (saw) himself)
5) The enemy break the peace and try to spread disorder in the country (its example are widely available)
Following are the principles of jihad:
1) It is first and for most duty of every Muslim to obey the head of the state during Jihad.
2) It is strictly forbidden for the Muslims to treat the prisoners un-humanitarianly or break a promise.
3) It is also forbidden murder women, minors, old people and handicaps.

A person who participate in jihad is called "Mujahid" and who is killed during jihad is called "shaheed" while who return back alive is called "Ghazi".