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We always request for Permission, before using any software. Here you will be able to find them.

Permission for software, "Holy Qur'an" and "Islam"
Assalamu alaikum brother
You can put my software The Koran(Qur'an) and all it's languages
on your site for downloading, also if you wish you can put Islam software
with all it's databases on your site for downloading too.
Sure, Allah(SWT) will reward you for that
Salaam and kind regards
Samir Alicehajic
-----Original Message-----
From: Malik Usman Javaid <>
To: <>
Date: Saturday, September 09, 2000 5:57 PM
Subject: Asslam u Alaikum

Asslam u Alaikum Mr.Samir Alicehajic
My name is Usman Javaid and I have a web development company. I am currently working on an Islamic web site. You can view its test page at I have recently tried your Quranic software and thought that it will be very good if you let us enable our visitors to download your software from our site, while you still have the credits. Please do let me know.
Malik Usman Javaid
 CEO/ Chief Developer,