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Why Islam?
- Introduction
- The Basis of knowledge
- The present framework: What is knowledge?
- Limitations of scientific knowledge
- Knowing maths
- Religious claims in the present framework
- The change of framework
- A closer look at observation
- The Islamic framework
- The sin of disbelief
- What is 'good thinking'? What is 'bad thinking'?

- How can rationality be defined?
- Some examples of aspects of good thinking.
- What makes a good search?
- What makes a bad search?
- What makes good reasoning?
- What makes bad reasoning?
- In what ways can probabilistic reasoning be bad?
- Thinking about Morals
- The ultimate
- The design argument
- Ultimate explanations
- Revelation
- The nature of signs of revelation
- The general concept of sin in Islam
- Problems with Christianity

- The Amazing Qur'an
- The Proclaiming of the Qur'an
- The Writing of the Qur'an
- The Consistency of the Qur'an
- The Structure of the Qur'an
- The Opening of the Qur'an
- The Teachings of Islam
- Where the teachings come from
- Rights and Responsibilities
- Sexual morals
- The use of force
- Islam and Secularism
- Islamic Economics
Appendix 1 - Solution to the nine dots problem
Appendix 2 - Further details on the word occurrence in the Qur'an