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Islami @ consultant
Now a days it is quite often to find anti-Islamic websites online, and the worst thing is that it is sometimes operated by people either posing to be Muslims or really Muslims. In case of Muslims, these are the people who have left Islam due to some reasons and in case of non-Muslims it is obvious and clear; the anti-Islamic propoganda. We have now decided to guide the people who have left Islam back, and repair their broken belief. We know that is quite sensitive issue but we don't take it as impossible. As it is nearly an obligation of all the Muslims to do this.
   Now we want you to help us to be there. If at anytime you come across any website which you think is operated by an ex-Muslim, please let us by filling out the form below. We will first verify the case and then if found valid will do our best to get him/her on the right course. Sorry we cannot make the method public.

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