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[XI]-The time: 3rd-4th years of Hijrah

 An ambush

'Air ibn Malik asked the Messenger of Allah to send a group of his Companions to teach his tribe about Islam. Seventy of the best Muslims were sent. When they reached Bi'r Ma'unah they dismounted, but the tribes of the Banu Sulaym of  'Usayyah, Ri'l and Dhakwan ambushed them by surrounding them with their camels. When they saw what was happening, the Muslims drew their swords and fought bravely, but they were all killed except Ka'b ibn Zayd. He survived until the battle of the Ditch where he, too, was martyred.

 Influential last words

When Haram ibn Milhan was killed by Jabbar ibn Sulma, his killer became a Muslim when he heard what Haram had uttered as he was dying. Jabbar explained, 'Part of the reason I became a Muslim was that on that day when I stabbed one of their men between the shoulders with a spear and saw its point come out of his chest, I heard him say, "I have won, by the Lord of the Ka'bah!" I said to myself, "What has he won! Haven't I killed the man?" I enquired from others and they told me that he meant martyrdom. "He has won, by Allah!" I replied that was the reason I became a Muslim.'

 The Banu'n-Nadir are banished

The Messenger of Allah approached the Banu'n-Nadir, a large tribe of Jews, to ask for their help in paying the blood-money of two men of the Banu 'Air who had been killed. An alliance had been made between the Banu'n-Nadir and the Banu 'Air. Although they promised to co-operate with him, they were really plotting to assassinate him. While the Messenger of Allah was sitting by the wall of one of their houses, they discussed what to do next. 'You will never have such a good opportunity as this again. Who will go up to the top of this house and throw a rock down onto him and rid us of him!'

With the Messenger of Allah was a group of his Companions including Abu Bakr, Umar and Ali.

Allah informed His Messenger about the treacherous plan. He went straight back to Madinah and ordered the Muslims to prepare for war against the Banu'n-Nadir. Then he led them to the enemy fortress. It was in the month of Rabi' al-Awwal in 4 A.H.

The Messenger of Allah laid siege to the Jews for six nights, casting terror into their hearts. They then asked the Messenger of Allah if he would banish them from the city and spare their lives on condition that they take with them all their belongings on their camels, except their weapons. The offer was accepted and they left Madinah after destroying their houses, taking whatever their camels could carry.

The Messenger of Allah divided what property was left among the first Muhajirun.

 The Dhat ar-Riqa' expedition

In 4 A.H. the Messenger of Allah decided to make a raid into Najd, advancing with his Companions until he reached Nakhl. They had only one camel between six of them so their feet became raw from walking. They tore their clothes into strips to bandage their feet and toes. This expedition was called Ghazwah Dhat ar-Riqa, the expedition of Rags.

Though the two sides approached each other, no fighting ensued as they were too wary of each other. The Messenger of Allah led the Prayer of Fear on this occasion.